Law of Attraction Mistakes




Well as I have proudly (Quite the opposite actually) mentioned in many of my articles my first beliefs on Law of Attraction were quite delusional. To be honest these beliefs led me to be a little depressed. How it happened I have written in excruciating details in My Journey section.

Why I am telling you about this all time you might wonder. Its is because I know how painful it is to believe in something and trying very hard and not getting anywhere. I do not want that happen to any one of you.

I could have easily designed a site a with only generally known details and advise regarding  Law of Attraction.That would have been easier.But  I decided to include my experiences and the wrong perception we might have on Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing that we can incorporate in to our lives, If we understand the concept behind the Law properly we will be able to shine and achieve many things in life with the help of it.

But if we misunderstood it we will not be able go anywhere.

So in this section I have included common misconception, Market hoopla surrounding Law of Attraction.

I hope all the articles will be very helpful to you.

Top 7 Misconceptions about Law of Attraction


1) It is a substitute for hard work

Well with my experience I can tell you if you embed Law of Attraction positively to your life your work will be much less. You will be able to work smart rather than working hard.

A little work is always necessary. It is not like you keep thinking of something and that thing will magically …………….. Read More



silver star

You might wonder why a page called Hoopla.

Although I have mentioned this in many posts and pages I thought it is necessary that you understand the logic behind the Law of Attraction.

I also at a time became delusional ……………………… Read More



Things You Need to Know



This is all you need to know in order to learn how to use Law of Attraction to your Benefit. Are you totally new to the term Law of Attraction?Do not worry.I will give you a quick overview.What is Law of Attraction ?

Basically this means that ………………………………………………….. Read More