Vision Boards

Practice Law of Attraction with Vision Boards

Hello Friends,

Let us talk about vision boards.

I talked about affirmations in a previous page. I told that affirmations are very easy to practice. The good new is Vision Board are even easier and it can be a lot of fun

Vision Boards are visual representations of our dreams and goals

Look at the photo I have inserted in the beginning of the page. It is an extremely simple vision board for a person who wants to

1)      Have money in the bank

2)      Eat Healthy

3)      Own a Ferrari

4)      Be a public speaker

5)      Go on nice vacations

When you look at this vision board, it is very simple. But all the goals are clearly pictured  and affirmed. The pictures are very effective when it comes to our subconscious mind. Our minds understand pictures better than words.

That is why vision boards can be a very helpful tool in our Law of Attraction Journey. With Law of Attraction we try to change our thinking patterns and convince our subconscious mind about our dreams and goals.What better way to convince our minds than colorful pictures.

You can make a vision broad for all areas of your life.

If you want to be healthy and fit make a vision board which has pictures of healthy food, yoga poses, well toned bodies.

If you want money and and wealth you can make a vision board which has pictures of money, Luxury cars, Beautiful houses.


Four Tips to make your Vision Board more effective and fun


1) Make your board as colorful as possible. Paste beautiful cheerful pictures rather than dull old pictures.

2) Make sure you hang it where you can see it often (This one is kind of obvious. But a person I consulted used to keep them in the drawer)

3) Personalize your vision broad.

Make it your own personal space rather than a collection of few generic photos. For example if you want a well toned body, get a photo of a well toned healthy body from a magazine or a paper (or print from internet) .Then paste it on the vision board.Then take a photo of you and neatly cut the head part and paste it over the head part of your picture. Now it will look like it is you with such a great body.

4) Write Affirmations

Write what you want to achieve next to the relevant picture. For example if you want to eat healthy paste a picture of fruit and smoothies and write next to it ” I always eat healthy food. I only give my body the best”

My advise is do not forget to have fun with your vision board. Have fun making them and have fun looking at them.

There is not a write way to do a vision broad. You can do it the way that suits you the best. You can make a hard copy and hang on the wall or you can make a soft copy and use it as your wall paper. Most important thing is you should feel happy, motivated and inspired when you look at your vision broad.

So go ahead and have fun !!!!!