Top 7 misconceptions about The Law of Attraction

Top 7 misconceptions about law of Attraction

Now we all know that The Law of Attraction became widely famous in the past few years. With all the fame The Law attracted some notoriety as well.

I can’t help but notice that The Law of Attraction always get polar opposite reactions. Some people praise it greatly saying the Law has changed their lives and some people condemn it saying this is pseudo science.

Below are the top 7 misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

1) It is a substitute for hard work

Well with my experience I can tell you if you embed Law of Attraction positively to your life your work will be much less. You will be able to work smart rather than working hard.

A little work is always necessary. It is not like you keep thinking of something and that thing will magically appear on your door step.

2) It is new found

Law of Attraction is neither new found nor newly talked about. Brilliant people have been aware of this many many years ago. Scientists, Inventors, Writers, Business people have been using this clever psychological law to accomplish things.

3) It is only for the sentimental and irrational people

Nothing can be further from the truth. As I said in the earlier paragraph many brilliant people make use of The Law of Attraction.

4) It s for people with extreme mental acuity

Again this is the polar opposite of the previous point I made. I had no idea people have a belief as such. But I get a lot of e- mails from many people saying that although they like to believe in and make use of Law of Attraction they don’t think they have the necessary mental power or focus. I normally say if you have the enough focus to draft the sentences you sent me you have the enough capacity to use Law of Attraction to your benefit.

Law of Attraction doesn’t require meditative power like a Guru or the mental acuity of a Yogi. Just some common sense and a clear mind,

5) It is just a hoopla that will go away

Recently Law of Attraction received a lot of publicity and a lot people got to know about Law of Attraction. This is incredibly good.

But the bad thing is people tend to disbelieve highly publicized and heavily marketed things. So sometimes Law of Attraction is discarded and disregarded as a marketing gimmick.

Do not let these things navigate you away from understanding this clever valuable Law.

6) Law of Attraction is materialistic and greedy

Law of Attraction has got a bad name because unfortunately and famously people associate this with get rich quick schemes.

While you can use Law of Attraction to get more abundance and wealth (There is nothing wrong with wanting to live comfortably) it is not just about wealth or material gain.

It is also about practicing gratitude, Being in control over your life, finding balance, fill your life with love, taking care of your loved ones and achieving your maximum potential.

You can use Law of Attraction not just for monetary goals but also for any noble intention you have.

7) Law of Attraction is downright selfish

This goes closely with the earlier one.

But frankly I think this is just an excuse lazy people give not to make their life better.

If you are not going to take charge in your life and move forward who else is going to do it. You are accountable for your own life.

When you make your life better, it is better for your family and friends. If you are a failure you won’t be able to help anyone at all. But if you are successful you will be able to help many people.

Wanting success does not make you selfish. Always remember there is no virtue in poverty or failure.