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Law of Attraction

Hello My Friends,

First let me welcome you to my site. This site will give you a good knowledge on Law of Attraction. The site includes different articles on how to use Law of Attraction to your benefit.

Also this site is not just theoretical. I have included my practical experiences which I hope will be immensely helpful when you start your Law of Attraction journey.

Whether you are first hearing about Law of Attraction or a long time practitioner, this site will give you a lot of help and wisdom.

Life is given to us to be cherished. We are supposed to laugh, love and have fun, not struggle, stress out and be unhappy.

This site will help you to become a happier, kinder and more successful person.

 My wish is that your journey will be delightfully fruitful.

First a Brief Description 


Law of Attraction


What really is Law of Attraction?

Is it that you keep thinking about something the whole day so that the thing you kept thinking about is going to magically appear in front you after some time?

Is it a substitute for hard work?

Is it a magical mysterious thing that will make things ok in an instance?

The answer to all these questions is “NO”

But with the Law of Attraction you can make your life delightful, fulfilling and abundant. Since I have experienced it I can tell you guys if you practice Law of Attraction positively with consistence you will be able to achieve your goals much easier than you ever thought.

But Law of Attraction does require some work. First on your mind and thinking patterns, then when the opportunities start to come you have to grab them and work on them too.

Your mind is the most powerful attribute in your life. It is working every minute and every second. You think millions of thoughts each and every day. Unknowingly to you these thoughts slowly shape your life. Whatever negative or positive your thoughts are if you are constantly thinking the same way it forms a pattern and these thought patterns become a habit or a second nature to you.

These thought patterns decide who you are and how you act and the condition of your life. So if you want to do a positive change to your life and personality you have to change your thought patterns and replace them with a new better thought pattern.

This requires a little work and persistence as your mind can act like a stubborn child sometimes. Breaking thought patterns that have been forming for years requires persistence and courage.

So as you see there is nothing magical about the Law of Attraction. It is about aligning your thoughts with what you want your life to be.

So No magic, No Gimmick , Just pure reasoning.

What is this site?

You know what happened the day I heard about Law of Attraction? I cried. I thought I have found the answer to all my problems. The documentaries made it seem so easy . ” Think and It is done” the narrator said. While this is the overall theme of the Law of Attraction, it is not that simple. It is more complicated than those few words. We really need to focus on the work behind those words. It took me sometime to realize it.

So I tried for few months with no results. With trial and error I learned. The process was sometimes depressing. There were so many inner battles a and struggles I faced while I tried these things.But I am glad I didn’t give up. Eventually I found how to make positive changes in my life with Law of Attraction.

I am a happier person now with a lot of free time and financial freedom which I always wanted. So I created this site recording My Experience that will be helpful to you.

Different Sections of the Website

Below are a description of different sections of the website.This will make  it easier for you to browse the site.

Home Page

This will contain the weeks featured posts, Most popular posts and posts in different categories.


This page will have all the posts in chronological order. Latest first.

New ? Come Here Please

This is the page you are reading now. This will give you a start up guide on Law of Attraction and how to use this site.

My Journey

This section is very personal.  I have included my personal experience with Law of Attraction. This page has my trials and tribulations and doubts.This also includes my mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to Law of Attraction. I think this section will help you to have a practical view on Law of Attraction. You are invited to learn from my stupid mistakes and it will hopefully decrease your struggling time. My wish is that this section will help you to achieve your goals faster.


This is a very important page. In this page I talk about different techniques you can use to enhance your Law of Attraction experience.

I talk about,




Vision Boards

Vibration and feelings

These techniques will be immensely helpful when you try to make positive changes to your thinking patterns.


We all love to have plenty of money. Financial freedom is something we all strive for. Since I understand that Money is a very important aspect of our lives, I have dedicated this section specially to talk about financial wealth. Here I talk about how to attract money with Law of Attraction and how to change wrong perceptions about money and much more.

Where you go wrong

This section is specifically designed to write about our wrong perceptions on Law of Attraction. The market hoopla and wrong publicity has made us have a unrealistic view on Law of Attraction. In this section I talk about why we should not succumb to the market hoopla that surrounds Law of Attraction. I have also included a list of misconceptions about Law of Attraction. This section will help you to get a nice realistic overview on the Law of Attraction.

So I warmly welcome you to my site and invite you to learn and change your life for the better. Many  good wishes for your success and please never give up!

Thank You