My 6 Biggest Law of attraction mistakes.

Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes

Hi every one. As embarrassing as it is I am going to admit the biggest mistakes I did with Law of Attraction.

It really is embarrassing because some of them are really stupid. Then again back then I didn’t have full realization of what Law of Attraction was.

I am listing these for you. So you can learn from my mistakes.

Bad news about these mistakes – I struggled with Law of Attraction for almost a 1 year  before I got a hold of it and these mistakes made it worse. (I am not unhappy about them. It was worth it)

Good news – Since you can learn from my mistakes you do not have to struggle like I did


So here I go. I am Excited to go through the memory lane.

1) I thought Law of Attraction was magic


Most idiotic mistake is this.

I thought that if I read few daily affirmations and few visualizations, things will start happening for me. Didn’t realize this will need a little bit of work on my thought process and feelings and attitude.

2) I forgot the Law of Gratitude


You are not going to get more things if you are constantly complaining about the present situation in your life. I used to complain a lot about my life while wishing for bigger and better things.

But I understood later to move to bigger things you have to be first grateful for the things you already have. However bad our life may seem we can always find something to be grateful for. Most of us can find many.


3) I tried to control all of my thoughts and the result was disastrous

When I learned that thoughts become things I became really excited, worried and concerned.

Excited because now I can think whatever I want and attract them.

Worried because now I was scared about the negative thoughts I sometimes think.

So I became obsessed with my thought patterns. Tried to control my thoughts every second.

The result was depression and a break down. I became even worse than I was before.


4) I was distracted by people who do not believe in Law of Attraction.

As everything there are 2 sides to this.

Some people tend to disbelieve because of the way sometimes the Law of Attraction is presented and interpreted.

It is presented as this mythical and magical thing that will help you get things so easily. These kinds of things are not be believed any way.

I leaned that the people who disbelieve or disregard   Law of Attraction think it to be something of mysterious and delusional.

But Law of Attraction is neither mysterious nor magical. It is a simple day to day phenomenon. Your thought process slowly shapes your life. For this simple thing we have given a fancy name as Law of Attraction.


5) I aimed too high and my goals were too big a first timer.

Tower cloud of 3 suns MGD©

Please know that this one is not an absolute.Law of Attraction will work whether the goal is small or big.

Law of Attraction doesn’t discriminate your goals by the size.

But you yourself do. When a goal is selected if it is too big you start to question and analyse and you become restless.

Is the goal too big for me?

Is it going to come true?

When will I see the first positive sign?

So now your mind is filled with fear, worry and anxiety. With these conditions Law of Attraction is not going to work .It’s just going to hinder the results.

If you are positively certain that you can achieve a big goal the first time, by all means do it. Who am I to say no?

But starting with something small is always reassuring.

6) I didn’t give importance to the feelings of my affirmations and visualization.

The most important factor I have somehow ignored.

Reading affirmations like a parrot or staring at visualization boards is not the most important part.How you feel when you do these is the most important.

Sometimes I felt like my daily positive affirmations and visualizations are chores that I have to finish up quickly.So I didn’t consider how I felt. I just wanted to finish them quickly so I can watch TV.

Well we all know how easy for us to spend  1 hour doing something useless and the same 1 hour if we spend for something useful it will feel like 24 hours

Needless to say I didn’t see any results,

I learned that feelings and your thinking patterns are the cardinal factors in your Law of Attraction journey.