Let’s face it. We all like to get rich and live comfortably.

Who likes to count every penny spent?  Who likes to save for a vacation?

We all like to do the things we love to do when we want it how we want it. We love to buy the things we want without hesitating. We love to take care of our parents, lovers, and friends and spoil them lavishly.

There is nothing wrong about wanting to make money. It doesn’t make you materialistic. Financial freedom is something we all strive for.

Personally I feel that becoming more financially free made me a better person. I now have time and means to go on to meditation ashrams, yoga vacations. I travel often and take my loved ones with me. I am less stressed and more relaxed. Since I am not constantly worried about money I have become attentive to other people’s needs. I have a sense of security and freedom.

Do not get me wrong. Money is not the only thing that will make your life better. It is one of many things that make your life easier and comfortable.

So what is the equation between Law of Attraction and money?

Can we use Law of Attraction to get rich? Yes you can, that is why I am writing this page.

Law of Attraction can be used to attract anything, Even Money.

Few articles below will explain you

How to make money with law of attraction


We all need money to live our lives to the fullest. We have to be welcoming for that fact. It does not make you materialistic if you think that way. Unless if you want to become a cavemen or an ascetic let’s face it money matters.

Law of Attraction is all about conditioning your mind to think in a certain way and process in a certain way.

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What you think about money is very important

You know how some people are. They seem to be blessed. They live in eternal abundance. They make a lot of money so easily, spend them so lavishly. They have no worries over financial matters. They go on every vacation they want, they travel the world and take a good care of their families.

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How to become a money magnet?

Merely wanting money is not enough. If that is the case we all will be rich. Because we all want money.

Some people are very magnetic towards money. They seem to attract riches so easily without much effort while some people can barely afford their rent.

When you convinced your mind that you have all the ……………………………. Read More



Top 5 things to remember when trying to make money with Law of Attraction

And as usual I am not letting you go until I talk about my boring life. Well actually this is not about me.I am talking about my life and my experience with Law of Attraction only because I want to give you a realistic picture.

I have few posts below where I will talk about my attempts, Failures and success. I hope they will help you

My painful journey toward financial freedom

How did I make money with Law of Attraction?

Why my first attempt to make money with Law of Attraction didn’t work

My First monetary achievement with Law of Attraction