Meditation is practicing extreme focused attention and training mind to be conscious. There are so many benefits we can reap from training our minds to meditate. below are few of them.

1) You become relaxed and less streesed

2) Reduce for blood pressure and anxiety

3) When you develop focus, your day to day things becomes easier

4) Increase your memory

5) You become more harmonious and happy.

6) Meditation can be used as a technique to improve your Law of Attraction experience.


Undoubtedly the last one is the most important one for us at the moment. Not that others are not important. all these benefits perfectly align with the things we want to achieve.

I have stated that Law of Attraction works best when we are in a happy and harmonious mindset. The agitated and depressed mindset is an enemy to a positive Law of Attraction journey.

So as you can see you can use meditation as a valuable technique to make you happier, more harmonious. Also you can use mediation to quiet your mind and bring to a serene status. When you are in this status it is  easy to practice your visualization and affirmation exercises.

I have talked about these benefits because i want you to understand it’s value. Otherwise you could find it a boring thing to focus on.Believe me I have been there, I used to fall asleep when I tried to practice meditation. It didn’t sound like an exciting thing for me. But when considering the benefits its worth the time.

Let me get one thing clear. When I say meditation I do not mean those deep meditation rituals that yogis and ascetics practice, We do not have to go that far. I am talking about doing some breathing exercises and keeping you focused long enough to quiet your mind and practice some visualizations.

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