Law of Attraction : Visualization

Law of Attraction and Visualization

Hello Friends,

Visualization is one of the greatest and most effective techniques we can use when practicing Law of Attraction positively. We can use Visualization to convey our goals to the subconscious mind clearly and effectively. We can also use Visualization to bring positive changes to our thinking patterns and personalities. More than the affirmations and vision boards I have used Visualization all through out my Law of Attraction  journey and I can vouch for it’s effectiveness.

Now my friends as we are going to change your life for better with Law of Attraction, Visualization is something we should consider mastering. Excuse me for using the word mastering. I tend to be a little dramatic sometimes. What I mean by mastering here is that you should learn how to visualize your goals clearly. It is as simple as that.

Visualizing is something we all do all day long. When we have important tasks or a meeting, How many times do we normally visualize variety of different scenarios. These scenarios most of the time tend to be negative.Under pressure we always tend to visualize the most unsatisfying of images. Why do we do this ? That is how our brain works. It is always very easy to be negative, but t always takes courage to think positively.

Fortunately with a little courage and persistence we all can master the art of positive imaging.

Luckily for us it is not very difficult. Follow the guidelines below for an effective visualization exercise.

Visualization Exercise

1) Decide something that you want to achieve. This better be something small if you are a first timer.

One of the mistakes I did with my very first visualization exercises is that my goals were too big and elaborate. So on a subconscious level I had a hard time believing they can come true. So obviously results were not achieved. I had heard that when you are trying to make your dreams come true, try to dream the biggest dream possible. But apparently it was not working for me. A step by step approach works best for me. But all our minds are unique and different, If you think you can start with a big dream by all means please do it. What is most important is not what other people believe, What is most important is what you believe. (Sorry for the banter……. )

2) Find 10 minutes of free time.This is best if it is before you go to sleep.

3) Find a very quite place.

4) Take 10 deep breaths.

5) Close Your eyes and count to 50 in ascending and descending order.

6) Then start having mental pictures of your goals being achieved.

Remember when you visualize the feelings you generate are more important than the mental images. If you feel agitated or stressed it is not going to work.

let me bore you with one of my personal experiences.

Back then when I was doing a 9 to 5 job in a multinational company,  a vacancy became available for a nice job opportunity. The job was great and the salary was very good. Best part was that the  vacancy was in a foreign country where I have always wanted to travel. These were the days I had first heard about Law of Attraction. So I thought of putting my knowledge to use.I started visualizing. I visualized that  I had got the job and I was living in the foreign country. This exercise apparently opened a can of warms.

Although I had more than enough paper qualification and practical experience for the job, There were two other people in my department with good qualification and with good practical experience who had applied for the job.  Both of them were elderly and had good industry knowledge while I was very young and not that matured. This bothered me heavily and I could not wholeheartedly believe that I would get the job.

The second thing was not that obvious to me. But it was very benign. Although I loved to travel I had secretly feared the idea of going to a foreign country and be completely alone.I feared to leave behind my loved ones.

So when I tried to visualize all those fears came pouring. Rather than visualizing a beautiful picture of dream coming true I visualized a fear induced trauma. So needless to say I didn’t get the job. Always always keep the below sentence in your mind.

If you feel fear, Pressure or Stress when you visualize your goals and dreams please know that you are doing something wrong.

For an example let’s say you want to own a beautiful new house. You have to imagine it with good details. The beautiful rooms, the garden and the elegant furniture.

Most importantly you should feel the pleasure you will experience when you are actually the new owner of this beautiful house.

Feelings are very important. When it comes to visualizing your goals. The feelings you generate are more important than the images you are picturing.

Feelings are the most Important things when visualizing.