Law of Attraction and Hoopla

silver star

You might wonder why a page called Hoopla.

Although I have mentioned this in many posts and pages I thought it is necessary that you understand the logic behind the Law of Attraction.

I also at a time became delusional with feel good advice and sugary candy coated talks about Law of Attraction. So I got disheartened, demotivated and disappointed when I could not see the results I want to see.

Now I understand that like many things in life to make use of Law of Attraction to your benefit you need to have courage, persistence and ability to do a little hard work.

Law of Attraction is neither a magic carpet nor a magic pill. It is certainly not a quick fix.

We have to courageously change our thought patterns

We have to be  watch guard at the gates of our mind

We have to be persistence since the changes at the subconscious level are not immediately visible.

Finally we have to do the necessary work that is required to bring our goals to the physical form from the blueprint of our mind.

But when you put Law of Attraction to practice ,

Will Law of Attraction make your life easy? Yes

Will it bring so many possibilities to your attention? Yes

Will it bring dormant forces within you to surface? Yes

Will you start to find previously had work has now become easy? Yes

Will beautiful things start to happen that other people call coincidences? YES

Will you feel happier and uplifted? YES

Will you always seem to find a way? YES

So the beauty and glory is about to unfold before you if you are ready to be courageous, persistent and confident.