How to Become a Money Magnet

Law of Attraction-manifesting money

Does Law of Attraction help you to Attract Money?

You can use the Law of Attraction to attract many things you want in your life. Money could be one of them. You can easily use the Law of Attraction to achieve your financial goals.

Merely wanting money is not enough. If that is the case we all will be rich. Because we all want money.

Some people are very magnetic towards money. They seem to attract riches so easily without much effort while some people can barely afford their rent.

When you convinced your mind that you have all the opportunities and abilities to make money you will eventually start seeing money making opportunities. When you start receiving more money you will become more confident and you will feel more and more abundant. Then this abundant mindset will be a second nature to you. After this happens you do not have to tray hard. Your mind is now set .You have removed the scarcity mentality and replaced it with abundance mentality.

But convincing your mind or reprogram your mind is a little bit of work .As I have mentioned few times earlier it became little hard for me to convince my mind that I can have or buy everything I want. Whenever I used the affirmation “I have everything I want” it seemed like I was lying to myself. I wanted money so bad I was stressed out when I repeated these words.

I tried few times. I wanted to become a money magnet so badly. Because of these desperate feelings I was stressed out all the time.

After trial and error I found I was doing so many things wrong.

Main problem was that I didn’t have the gratitude for money.

I was making a reasonable amount every month and it never occurred to me that I should be grateful. So instead of complaining about lack I started becoming grateful. Every time I used my debit card I would say a silent “thank you”.

This was a good habit. It helped me not only in my monetary goals but also in so many other valuable aspects of my life.

So I want you to start by being grateful for what you have. If you want to be magnetic toward something first you have to be grateful for whatever little you have at the moment.

Instead of just affirming “I want money” or “I have Money” try to feel that you have all the money. Try to feel abundant.

Change your mind to an abundant state that the notion of lack becomes foreign to you.(We are talking about this elaborately in other posts :))

When you slowly do these things you will realize that mentally you feel very positive about money. Eventually you will become so magnetic toward money and opportunities and ideas will pour in.