Feelings and Vibration



This is the golden rule when it comes to Law of Attraction. No matter how you visualize, No matter how you affirm if you didn’t give the right feelings and vibration every thing is going to be useless.

I am telling you by this my own experience.Before I started to have success with Law of Attraction I used to stare at vision boards and read affirmations through out the whole day.

It didn’t work

Why ?

Because I conveniently forgot the most important factor. That is my feelings. When you affirm and visualize you should feel really really good.You have to feel the happiness and vibrate with Positive Energy

Do not get me wrong. Vision boards and affirmations can be very helpful tools when it comes to Law of Attraction.

But we need to work on our feelings too. Because feelings are cardinal. Law of Attraction is all about your feelings.

All the techniques I talked about in this site and blog will become useless if you didnt take care of your feelings and vibrate with the appropriate positive energy.

Visualizations, Affirmations, Vision Boards , Meditation and all the other techniques I talked about will be ineffective if you didt pay close attention to your feelings.