Law of Attraction and Affirmations are closely related. Some people have a false belief that ” Law of Attraction is affirming something everyday until it magically appears “. Although those beliefs are not helpful, affirmations can be a very valuable tool for us when practicing the Law of Attraction.

Affirmations are something we should use daily as it is very easy and understandable.

Affirming is stating something over and over again. This could be verbally, mentally or in written. And it only helps when your affirmations are positive. You may think that I didn’t need to say the last sentence. But as I usually do, I am emphasizing the things we do wrong. Negative affirming is something we are used to do in our lives.

Think for a minute. How  often do we think or say following things,

* I will never be able to get it

* I do not have what it takes

* I am too young/old/short/tall/skinny/fat/inexperienced/vulnerable

* I will never be able to afford it

* I wish I had the talent/Courage/Knowledge

* I can be happy if I had ……………… (The blank could be anything)

* I will travel when I retire

* I do not have success gene in me.

* I am not special

* I am not destined to succeed.

* Who wants to hire me ?

* I will never be able to afford that car/house

* Unhappiness follows me

* who would love me ?

* I am doomed

 Like these we use negative affirmations all day long. Most of the time without our knowledge.

Do not feel bad. It is the way our minds work. But with courage we can change our thinking patterns and our lives towards more positive direction.

Every day take 5 minutes in the morning. This could be just after you woke up. Read the below sentence. You can read it quietly or loudly. Most important thing is you being focused and undistributed.

” Today is a beautiful day. I am so grateful for everything I have and everything I have been given,I finish all my daily tasks successfully. I am a positive vibrant person. I genuinely care about other people. I celebrate life and live everyday to the fullest.”

This a nice basic affirmation you can use. But please know that you do not have to use this specific one. If this doesn’t feel right for you, you can write something that matches your taste and use it daily.

The important thing is you feel good and right when you read your affirmations.

Like this you can write affirmations for any situation you like. When repeated they can be powerful and life changing.

Once I helped a lady who had a problem with the improvement of her life. She didn’t  feel she is going forward. She said no matter what she did to change and improve life she felt stuck. She felt she is a failure. She was really depressed about her situation.

I gave her the following affirmation to read before bed. I told her to feel really good and happy when she was reading it.

“I am so blessed that I have the great drive to improve my life to the best possible version I can, I have so many dreams that I am accomplishing one by one. The great power of my subconscious mind always shows me the best way possible for me to go forward in my life. I am so grateful about the fact that everyday I am enhancing the quality of my life. “

She did what I said. She kept reading this for days. After about 2 weeks she said that she felt so uplifted and positive. I told her to keep affirming. After 3 weeks she called me and said few nice things have started to happen in her life. After 2 months she came and thanked me. She said so many things have changed in her life. She seemed happier and very confident. She told me about all the positive changes that had happened in her life, She no longer felt stuck or depressed.

So as you see affirmation are very simple yet powerful.We all can use it daily without any extra effort.