Funny “Things” started to happen every time I tried to use Law of attraction


Hello my friends,

Welcome again.

You may think that the title of this page is a little peculiar. But really I went through some strange experiences when I started to try the Law of Attraction to change my life. I can call them “funny” now because everything worked out well at the end. These things that happened to me can happen (hopefully not)to you too when you try. So I hope this page will be a guide to you. 🙂

So what are these funny things?

When I started using Law of Attraction to achieve a goal, after few days distracting things started to happen.

Either I will get sick, or I Will start a new bad habit, I will find something boring before now so interesting and waste my time with it. Sometimes I will get obsessed with something and be totally distracted.

I was under the impression that good things should start happening when you practice Law of Attraction positively. But few times this kept happening and I was confused and bewildered.

So I started thinking.

Why does this happen?

After some researching I got to know that we all have inner demons that stop us from achieving what we want.They act as inner blocks and stop us from achieving our full potential.

First I want to tell you that these fears are not common to everyone. So please do not get disheartened. There is an excellent chance that you might not have any of these feelings that I have mentioned below. If this is the case I am so happy for you.

I have created this page only for the few people (I was one of them) who might have a little problem. So if you have any of these fears please do not feel bad. You are not alone and these feelings can be easily resolved.

So what are these inner demons?

1)      Deep rooted fears

We sometimes harbor fears and insecurities that stop us from doing our best.

2)      Feeling of unworthiness

 Yes this may be due to childhood experience that shook your confidence or other bad experiences that made you feel inferior. Sometimes these feelings can harm our full potential. You may not try because you do not feel you deserve the success.

 This was very much true for me. I have gone through few experiences in my teen years that didn’t make me feel the best. Unknowing to me these experiences were hindering my growth. Sometimes even when I know I can easily achieve a something, I mentally create a stumbling block and hinder my results.

I worked on these issues first and I felt so free and relieved.

3)      Fear of failure

This is common in every change we try to do in our lives. If you try to practice Law of Attraction positively there is a chance your fear of failing will hinder your growth.

4)      Fear of success

Believe me this is true. We tend to fear success more that failure.

My financial freedom was always hindered because of this. Although I wanted to become rich I feared the idea of being rich. I am not sure why. May be because of my middle class upbringing where we are not used to having plenty of money around.

Anyway I had to get rid of this feeling and then only I started getting positive results in my monetary goals.

5)      Fear of not succeeding when you try your best

Sometimes we fear if we try something with the best we can and then fail we will feel hopeless. Because if we try without our best we always have that reassurance “If I try my best I know I can do it”.

Do not fall in to this trap. Even our best way can be better.

6)      Deep rooted social norms and limited beliefs

Your beliefs are mostly formed by society’s norms and conventions. The limited thought patterns are what we have inherited from our upbringings and the society.

Some limiting thoughts are as follow

Success is just “luck”

Opportunity has to come to us

Money does not grow on trees

Money is evil

Poverty is a virtue

Successful people are humbugs

Unknowingly these beliefs can hurt your growth.

Take a good look at yourself and try to understand whether you have any of these feeling and beliefs I have mentioned earlier.

If so, your first step is to slowly get rid of them. Then with a fresh mind you can start your Law of Attraction journey.