Law of attraction – Do the Impossible

Law of attraction - Do the Impossible


How to use The Law of Attraction to attract the impossible? Can we actually do the impossible with The help of Law of Attraction. Yes we can 🙂

The problem is that most people think the Law of Attraction is an automated process. You alter your thinking patterns and things will magically fall into place. Well in a broader level this is actually true. When you successfully incorporate Law of Attraction to your life, you will definitely see things happening nicely and smoothly .But at first we need to push our self a little to get started.

 Some people who wants to try the Law of Attraction just sit there thinking what they want. I am afraid this might not actually work. It really is important to work on your thinking patterns since the Law of Attraction is all about the mind. But just a little hard work will never be a waste.

There might be goals in your life that you think are impossible to achieve . I know in my life there were so many things I thought were impossible to do. But over time when I started altering my thoughts and starting to do whatever is necessary, my views of impossibility changed. I was able to achieve many things that I once thought were impossible.

My message today is that when you try to achieve something with the help of the Law of Attraction, Just don’t sit there and visualize. Try to do some actual work which is related to your goal.

For an example let’s say you want to be an astronaut, It may look overwhelming at first. some may even think that it is impossible.

You can visualize and use affirmations. May be even use vision boards. All of this is great. While you are practicing all these things try to do some actual work (However small) that will propel you towards your goal. It doesn’t matter how small that is at the moment. Just get yourself going.

When we take the astronaut example, you may not know anything about how to become one. you may even not know how to get started. You may feel overwhelmed. But still there is always something you can do. May be you can start researching or start seeking some advice.

 However small what you can do at the moment, just do it.  Your power of action and the power you get from practicing the law of attraction will definitely guide you to your path.

You cannot underestimate the power of action. Get started on your goal today.

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