Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes

Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes


I never miss a good opportunity to embarrass myself. So I have added a page describing the biggest mistakes I did when learning to use Law of Attraction. Well to be honest my whole purpose was not to embarrass myself but to make aware of some road blocks you might face. I hope the page will be a great help to you all. Please find the link below.

My 6 Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes

Hi every one. As embarrassing as it is I am going to admit the biggest mistakes I did with Law of Attraction.

It really is embarrassing because some of them are really stupid. Then again back then I didn’t have full realization of what Law of Attraction was.

I am listing these for you. So you can learn……………………………. Read More

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  1. Daniel says

    Hi Sara,
    I am curious about the topic “I aimed too high and my goals were too big a first timer”
    I am trying to manifest $ 500,000 in 3 months. I am doing Visualization exercises as you mentioned in this site. I only make $ 1,800 per month at the moment. Do you think my goal is too high for me. I get so nervous when I think about my goal. Should I Start with new goal? Please advice.

    • Sara (Admin) says

      Hi Daniel,
      I have stated that the size of the goal will not be a deciding factor in Law of Attraction. Since it is natural Law it will work for anything. However the problem comes with our own insecurities and limitings beliefs. Most of us have limiting beliefs when it comes to money. Other thing is you have stated that you feel nervous when thinking about the goal. This is a classic sign of your conscious mind not believing the viability of the goal. My suggestion is that $ 500,000 is a little too big at the moment. You can always go for this amount, But first start with a amount that would not cause nervousness in your mind. After you start seeing good results, gradually increase your goal.Good luck Daniel. Never give up.

      • Daniel says

        Hi Sara,

        Thank You so much for the advise. I started with a smaller amount as you said one month ago. I am already seeing the results. I had a 250% increase in my Income. Soon I will be able to go for $ 500,00 as well. Thank you so much Sandy for your advise and for your site. I learned so many practical things from your site. It has changed my life.

        • Sara (Admin) says

          Hi Daniel,
          I am so glad you started seeing the results. Happy to be able to help. I wish you all the success. Many thanks for the lovely comments about my site.

  2. Robert says

    Hey Sara. Thanks for the list.
    I am a little confused by the control of our thought process. Should we not try to do that or shoud we just watch our thoughts ?

    • Sara (Admin) says

      Hi Robert,
      It is always good to control our thought process. We should guard our minds from any negative or unhealthy thoughts.With a lot of practice and with techniques like meditation we will become capable to do that. How ever just trying to control our thoughts at once at the very beginning could make you end us being depressed, The control of mind should come gradually. Hope this explains.

  3. Senthia says

    Thanks Sara. This is very enlightening. I learned a lot.
    One thing please tell me why you removed your wonderful list of posts on Mind Control? I am very sad

    • Sandy (Admin) says

      Hi Senthia,

      Thank for the lovely comment. The posts on mind control were deleted just temporarily. I am re writing them in a more user friendly and better way. Will post them soon.

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