The Law of Attraction – Power of The Mind

The Law of Attraction - Power of The Mind

Hello friends.

I would like to like to ask you the following question.

What is the most precious thing in your life ?

You will come up with many answers.

But you know, the most precious thing that we all have cannot even be touched. That is your own mind.

But we always tend to treat our mind the worst way. We usually put anything there. Anger, Anxiety, Jealousy, shame. We have no limit !

Since we all have become users (not the best way to put, I know) of our beloved  Law of Attraction, We all know the importance of our thought process and the impact it can have on us.

In our quest to understand and practice Law of Attraction the best possible way, we will be rewarded if we continuously take care of our mind.

Your mind can make you either miserable or glorious.

Your Mind can make you either rich or poor.

Your mind can make you either loved or hated.

So if we can choose our lives to be good or bad, why do we choose bad ?

Why do we choose to fill our mind with hatred, Jealousy, embarrassment and inferiority when we can fill our minds with  love, compassion, confidence and greatness.

I know sometimes circumstances are so bad we cannot even fathom the idea that anything positive exists in our lives.. But thinking unhealthy destructive thoughts are not going to help us in any way at all.

I know I used have so much doubt when some one said we should always be positive. I used to think that “when the situation is so bad, how can you think something positive? “

But then I understood our thoughts are the only thing we can actually control. With practice we can control our thoughts and as a bonus we will be able to change our reality as well.

I once had a friend (we will call her Jen-Obviously not the real name) . Jen was always frustrated. Even if somebody didn’t say good morning she will get hurt. She will be offended if somebody smiled with her (thinking there is a ulterior motive). She will be offended even if somebody didn’t smile with her (thinking they are rude). She always so easily let outside events decide her mood. Even if the outside circumstances are not bad she will always find a reason to be unhappy and depressed.”My life officially sucks” was her favorite line. She always said that ” Bad things follow me” and it seemed like that it was true. she always had some kind of a problem to deal with.

Even thought she thought it was her circumstances that made her unhappy, I could clearly see that it is her attitude that made her miserable. She thought that she was followed by bad thing and her subconscious mind worked in a way to fulfill her prophecy. Your subconscious mind never disappoints you. It gives you what you seek.

I wanted to help her to change the way she thinks. I understood that our thinking patterns cannot be changed overnight. First I gave her few notes I have written about “Positive Thinking”. I told her just to read it. Then I slowly started  to help her understand how she unknowingly attracted bad things to her life. Of course she was not willing to change, but I was persistent. Slowly Jen made improvements. She stopped saying negative things and tried to see the good in people. I also gave her few positive affirmations to read . Within few weeks she was a happier and a more content person. To her delight she found out problems and bad things no loner followed her. 🙂

This is only a start of many posts regarding the elements of our minds and the process of understanding and taming it.

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  1. Olivier says

    You are correct Sara. Sometimes we make ourselves so miserable. This post is very nice. Can I post a link to this post in my blog.

    • Sara (Admin) says

      Yes Olivier, We do make ourselves miserable by by conforming to bad thinking patterns.
      Of course you can post a link.

  2. Jude says


    I love your site. Although I have visited many Law of Attraction sites I feel like they all are robotic repeating the same thing. I feel it refreshing here since you share your personal experience. I especially like the “My Journey Section”

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