Law of Attraction: Attract Great Relationships

Law of Attraction and relationships

There is nothing in life that makes us happier than the great relationships in our lives.

Our jobs make us satisfied.

Money makes us feel comfortable.

But it is true friends and true love that makes life worth living.

Sometimes life seems so unfair, Our relationships go sour and we become bitter and jaded. This can happen to any of us any time in our lives.

It is perfectly fine to have the need to be loved and cared for. After all we all are human. We need love and care more than anything. We need great relationships that enrich our lives.

With that introduction let’s come to our topic for the day

Can we use Law of Attraction to attract great and loving relationships to our lives?

I would say why not ?. If we can use Law of Attraction for so many other things why not for this.

1) First you start to love yourself and care yourself. You cannot expect outside people to love you and respect you if you do not love and respect yourself. I am not asking to be vain and narcissistic, but to have a healthy amount of self respect.

2) Make sure you are worth the respect and love of other people. Always do the right thing ( It is perfectly ok to be goofy and fun, But never do anything to hurt someone else).

3) Never condemn people. Never talk behind people’s back. If something is bothering you talk to the respective person directly.Always be honorable.

4) Be genuinely concerned about others. Care for their needs.Learn to love people generally.

5 ) Try to forgive people easily. After all what is the point of keeping dirt in your mind.

6) I know some of these things are not easy but if you practice the above few things I talked about you will develop a loving, caring, respectful light-hearted personality.This is where the Law of Attraction comes in to play. According to the Law of Attraction likes attract likes. If your heart is filled with love you will attract love. If you are respectful you will attract respect. If you believe you deserve to be loved and respected you will be loved and respected.

7) Always believe that you are here to be loved and respected. Say to yourself often ” I am a loving and caring person. I care for people deeply. My life is enriched with deep, meaningful, loving relationships” . Use this quote as a daily affirmation.

This quote is actually very special to me. I used this (still use) sometime back when my life was particularly grim. I affirmed it religiously and believed in it. It helped me greatly to become a better person and attract good people to my life. I hope it will be the same for you.

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  1. Penny says

    I love the affirmation you gave. it is simple and effective. I have been using it and I feel I am becoming more likable. Thanks for this.

  2. Loretta says

    This affirmation is very nice, Thanks for it Sara. I have pasted it on my computer and the bathroom mirror.

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