Law of Attraction:Is Attracting Money Easy ?

Attract Money withLaw of AttractionThe big question is “is attracting money to your life easy ?”

The question has two answers “YES” and  ” NO”

Please do not get mad at me.That is the magic and paradox of Law of Attraction.If you think something is hard your subconscious mind will make it hard for you. If you think something is easy it will become easy.

You can see the reality of what I said when you take a look at the world.

Some people make Millions of dollars with so much ease. Some people slave hard just to make ends meet.

Some people have plenty of money to buy expensive cars, go on luxurious vacations. Some people do not even have enough money to pay the bills.

You may think that working hard makes the difference (I know I used to think this). But is it true?

Yes working hard is very important. But working hard without direction or right attitude is not going to be that helpful.

There are people who make millions sitting in front of a computer. I know they do a lot of mental work. But there are people who do 2 or 3 jobs, do a lot of mental and physical work and still make only a meager sum.

If we keep working hard and slaving hard without direction and a proper goal, It is highly unlikely that our financial status is going to move forward.

 Today make a commitment to make your financial life better. Create a plan and have goals. Start with a small goal and move forward.

Convince yourself that you have a right to be rich. The world is filled with riches and wealth. They could easily be yours. People who make millions and billions of dollars live in the same world as you. There is absolutely no reason why you cant be one of the new millionaires.

Shed away your old beliefs of money.

Shed away the old beliefs of lack.

Open yourself to unlimited abundance and wealth. Your perception and attitude makes all the difference.


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  1. kelly u says

    Some people think that “Money is the root of all evil”. I think that is a wrong attitude. Money will help you to be generous

  2. Ryan says

    I think Attracting Money is hard when you have a lack attitude, I have had the problem . Your Money section helped me a lot. Thanks

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